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New and expectant parents

Congratulations on the birth, or expected birth, of your baby! You probably have many questions, and we would like to let you know that this i

A bright future for your toddler

A FUTURE FILLED WITH PROMISE Your child has been born, or is about to be delivered, into a world that offers more opportunities th

The transition into adolescence & adulthood

When a child is small and dependent on his/her parents it is a natural state, as parents we love, look after, feed, clothe, nurture, play with and tea

Sibling relations

LOOKING AFTER THE FAMILY It’s natural for new parents of a child with Down syndrome to wonder how this new person will impact fa

Assisted living and protective workshops

Individuals with Down syndrome and their families often explore possible changes in living arrangements as part of the transition to adulthood and the

Become a member

Down Syndrome Association Western Cape is a parent organisation and our members are very important to us. Benefits of becoming a member of